What Happens When You Win?

What's the 411 on Winning?

The opportunity for regular people like you to win cash and prizes at Winloot Live is real. We wanted to give regular people the chance to join in on the fun.

Sure we hope you love our Winloot Live video content but we know you are here because you want your chance to be a winner too. It’s only natural.

What happens when you win a prize at Winloot Live? For those of you that are online sweepstakes veterans you know the routine. But for those of you that are discovering the exciting world of free online sweepstakes, we thought we’d break it down for you, and let you in on the ins and outs.

People ask us all the time? “Are you for real? Do you really pay your winners?”

Yes. Of course, we do. If you are selected as the winner of a prize on Winloot Live we’ll send you an email. This brings us to an important point. If you want to make sure that you get our message if you are selected as the winner of a prize you’ll want to make sure that you’ve registered with your preferred email account. How will you know if you are the winner of a prize and you don't give us a good email address?

Prize Winners at Winloot Live Sweepstakes are offered their choice of how they want to receive their prize from the following three options. We can mail them a check to their address or we can send a PayPal or Amazon Gift Code via email. It’s your prize and you make the choice.

The computer randomly selects all of our winners and entering is 100% free to play. You should know that legitimate Free Online Sweepstakes will NEVER ask for your credit card information or any money. We’re legit 100% free to play for all of our players. But our cash prizes are 100% real so don't get it twisted.

We wish the very best of luck and good fortune to each and every one of our players. You’re all winners in our eyes and we couldn’t keep doing what we do without your continued patronage. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This website was created with the fans in mind and we have tried to make it super easy to enter our contests. We love making Winloot Live and we hope you enjoy it too.