Welcome To Winloot Live

We really love paying winners

Welcome to Winloot Live. We’re pleased as punch to have you stop by and spend a little of your time with us. Winloot Live is all about the intersection of our sweepstakes and our Youtube Channel. It's where you can check out the latest cool videos and enter to win some pretty awesome prizes of your own. Winloot Live began as a new way to reach out to our audience of sweepstakes fans giving them the opportunity to win cash and see the moment immortalized on the internet.

From our humble beginnings in Matty Prizes Basement to the swanky set of Stephen Kramer Glickman's Winloot Live 2.0 we've been evolving over the last year and the creation of this new website is the latest stage of that evolution. Over the last year, we've added new hosts like the lovely and talented Carolyn Martin and the aforementioned Stephen Kramer Glickman.

Who exactly is Stephen Kramer Glickman you ask? He's an accomplished actor, musician, and comedian. Stephen is best known for his performances as Music Producer Gustavo Rocque on the hit Nickelodeon Television show Big Time Rush and as the voice of Pigeon Toady from the animated movie Storks from Warner Bros Animation.

And Carolyn Martin is a talented actress, model, and influencer. Carolyn has been featured on television shows like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Jimmy Kimmel Live and we have it on good authority that she was in a little movie by the name of Super Shark. This was apparently before they just turned into tornados.

And what about our memorable, amazing, and eclectic contestants in 2021 and 2022 so far? We’ve sure had a wide range of people from different walks of life with interesting stories to tell. Who can forget visits from actors like Josh Sussman known for playing Hugh Normous on Wizards of Waverly Place or David Lipper who was Viper on Full House and Fuller House? We’ve also had our share of internet celebrities like talented Tik Tokers itsTinaColada and Lego Chef Philip. Winloot Live 2.0 has featured high-flying professional wrestlers like Anthony Idol and Mr. Excitement; Ryan Kidd. We’ve even had Winloot Super Sweeper Legends like Travis Jackson and Karl Dunn. Is reality TV your thing? Coffey Anderson of Country Ever After and Jessica Kinney from Rock of Love have both visited Winloot Live 2.0 to answer trivia and win cash.

What’s most exciting tho is what’s ahead for Winloot Live as we try new games, new concepts, and new contestants, and we may even visit with some all-time faves. And we’ve even got a sweep where if you are the winner you can be a contestant in a special future episode of Winloot Live 2.0