The Talent Of Winloot Live

Meet the Hosts & Guest of Winloot Live

There are countless GameShows in existence. What makes Winloot Live special? What makes Winloot Live stand out from all those that have gone before it? We like to think it’s the talent associated with our show.

Let’s start at the very top with the hosts. Whether it’s Matty Prizes, Carolyn Martin, or Stephen Kramer Glickman, we’ve been lucky to work with super talented high-energy hosts who have each brought something unique to the table.

Winloot Live started out in a suburban Long Island Basement with the original host, Matty Prizes. Matty Prizes is fondly remembered for his sense of humor, his dance moves, and of course that legendary mustache. Since the Matty Prizes has moved on from Winloot, but his efforts toward building the channel and the audience were vital to the growth and expansion of Winloot Live.

Stephen Kramer Glickman is an accomplished actor, musician, and comedian. Stephen is best known for his performances as Music Producer Gustavo Rocque on the hit Nickelodeon Television show Big Time Rush and as the voice of Pigeon Toady from the animated movie Storks from Warner Bros Animation. He’s also the host and producer of the long-running Night Time Show Podcast. Stephen maintains a huge presence on social media with Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Stephen has also released both Music and Comedy albums online and is a talented pianist.

Carolyn Martin is a talented actress, model, and influencer. Carolyn has been featured on television shows like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Jimmy Kimmel Live and we have it on good authority that she was in a little movie by the name of Super Shark. Carolyn is no stranger to hosting YouTube shows as she also hosts IceBreakers on YouTube where she chats up interesting characters while they try out a cryogenic chamber for the very first time. The results aren’t just cool. You could say that they were ice cold.

Winloot Live is all about the intersection of our sweepstakes and our Youtube Channel. It's where you can check out the latest cool videos and enter to win some pretty awesome prizes of your own. We wish the very best of luck and good fortune to each and every one of our players. You’re all winners in our eyes and we couldn’t keep doing what we do without your continued patronage. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This website was created with the fans in mind and we have tried to make it super easy to enter our contests. We love making Winloot Live and we hope you enjoy it too.