How Does Winloot Live Choose Contestants?

Want To Be On Winloot Live?

People ask us all the time how they can be a contestant on Winloot Live? Over the years we’ve had a very eclectic mix of players and winners on our YouTube and Instagram Game Show iterations. Winloot Live players come from all walks of life including but not limited to Online Super Sweepers, Winloot Mega Fans, Hollywood Actors, Professional Wrestlers, Models, Influencers, Cosplayers, and more.

How does Winloot Live choose out contestants? We’re always looking for fresh new faces and personalities to match wits with our hosts and win some cash. Remember this is Winloot Live so we look for big personalities and smiling faces. The best way to get an opportunity is by sending a link to a short audition tagging @winlootsweepstakes from your Tik Tok or Instagram to [email protected]

A good audition is thirty to sixty seconds long, showcases something fun and unique about you, and demonstrates that you’re not shy on camera, and perhaps most important, that you can operate your phone or computer's camera. Winloot Live is a visual medium and you’ll want to think about how your background looks. Is the lighting good? Will there be other people or pets interrupting you if you were chosen to appear on Winloot Live? Are you able to record hands-free videos? Have you ever used Zoom?

Your audition video should give us a good idea of what kind of contestant you will be and what your background will look and sound like. Remember if we can't see you well or hear you well? We’re not going to be able to record a very good episode.

We’ve also been very lucky to be able to reach out to various celebrities and influencers to make appearances on Winloot Live.

Sharon Blynn plays Soren the Skrull in Captain Marvel and the end credits scene in Spider-Man Far From Home.

Chris Bartlett plays multiple roles for Disney Plus Star War live-action series like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

We’ve got Pro Wrestlers like Mr. Excitement Ryan Kidd and Anthony Idol!

We love our hardcore fans and plenty of them have been on our show and won cash multiple times in 2021. We also love new faces because everyone deserves a turn to win, right?

And of course now Winloot Live has got a very special sweepstakes opportunity to Be A Contestant On An Upcoming Special Episode Of Winloot Live. Whether it’s Stephen Kramer Glickman, Carolyn Martin, Matty Prizes, or another host, you can be the guest of a very special custom edition of Winloot’s premiere online game show, Winloot Live. This way you can share your winning moment with all your friends and loved ones forever. This prize is your chance to be immortalized on the Winloot Sweepstakes Youtube Page, so be ready to play.