Carolyn's Brand New Game Show Is Coming Soon!!!

A Sneak Peak At One Of Our TWO New Shows!!!

Winloot Live has been hard at week retooling with our hosts Stephen Kramer Glickman and the lovely Carolyn Martin (As Pictured) on the set of her brand new IN PERSON WINLOOT LIVE GAME SHOW with two of her very first contestants!!! That's right Winloot Live isn't just via Zoom anymore- we're venturing out into the real world and we're gonna talk to all the interesting people.

For those of you who don't realize this Carolyn isn't just an accomplished Model and Actress. She's also a Fitness Expert, a Personal Trainer, and a business owner. She owns a Gym in Southern California with her husband, who is also a personal trainer and all-around pretty cool dude, called DTOX FItness.

Carolyn's show is going to be an in-person trivia and physical challenge game show where depending on what cards they choose they will either be grilled with trivia questions or have to perform physical challenges to earn spins on the prize wheel. The Prize Wheel isn't just back, but not the contestant will be there to spin it themselves!

Physical Challenges could be anything from shooting a basketball, playing cornhole, eating a cookie with no hands, and more. This is gonna be fun and funny stuff.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the best part? Contestants will have the opportunity to DOUBLE THEIR MONEY with a super difficult final challenge. That's right Carolyn cooked up a final test that could mean as much as $1200 Cash!!!

So one of the takeaways is that Carolyn is not currently accepting submissions from anyone who is not able to participate in the Southern California area, but if you think you would be a good contestant for this exciting new IN PERSON show-- email us at [email protected] and let us know why. That doesn't mean that YOU, that's right YOU- whoever is reading this blog right now can't be a contestant on your very own special episode of Winloot Live. Winloot Live has got a very special sweepstakes opportunity to Be A Contestant On An Upcoming Special Episode Of Winloot Live. Whether it’s Stephen Kramer Glickman, Carolyn Martin, Matty Prizes, or another host, you can be the guest of a very special custom edition of Winloot’s premiere online game show, Winloot Live. This way you can share your winning moment with all your friends and loved ones forever. This prize is your chance to be immortalized on the Winloot Sweepstakes Youtube Page, so be ready to play.

We had a recent winner of this prize back on June 16th, 2022; Peggy B. of Manteno, Illinois won our very first contest and we were so excited to plan a Zoom episode with her and she told us she couldn't Zoom. So she just opted for a $100 Base Prize Payout -- Peggy- you could have won WAY MORE had you played... So here's the thing people. If you don't know how to Zoom, or you're too shy to be on camera, there are a bunch of other cool sweeps on that you can enter. We here at Winloot Live created this sweeps for the hardcore fans who have been filling the inbox or commenting that they never got a turn to play. So if you enter this sweep, be prepared if your name is drawn as the winner. This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY!!!