Avoid Online Scams

Winloot Live Is Safe And Secure

The internet can be a big and scary place. This is why finding a safe place to unwind like Winloot Live is so important. And how do we say that with such confidence? Because it’s true.

First of all Winloot Live will NEVER ask you for money. We award money to our winners we don’t ask them for any in return. We don’t sell anything. So apologies if you were looking for the Winloot Live Apparel Section. We don’t have one. You can’t buy t-shirts, hats, or coffee mugs with our logo plastered all over them.

Winloot Live will only contact our winners via email with clear instructions on how to collect your prize if you are selected as a winner. Imposters may try to reach out via fake social media accounts or over the phone. Do not be fooled.

We will NEVER ask for any bank or credit card information from our winners. We pay our winners one of three ways. The winner chooses between receiving a check in the U.S. Mail or getting digital payment by way of PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card.

We don’t sell any of our member's private data to other websites. We collect a minimum amount of information that we need to qualify users to play our sweepstakes. We need a legal name and address to confirm you live in an eligible region to play and win a prize from Winloot Live, and we need your date of birth to ensure you are 18 years of age. That’s it. If you win over $599 Cash in a signal year we would ask you to fill out a W-9 for tax purposes but, that’s one of the laws we are required to adhere to in order to run our completely legit sweepstakes site legally.

Winloot Live has a Privacy Policy on the site that you can also check out for even more on how much we value and care for your information. We want you to know exactly how your information is used. We track your entries by the email address you submit in any of our sweeps and use it to contact you and pay you if you win. This is again why we cannot emphasize enough the importance of using one of your primary email accounts when you enter to win prizes on Winloot Live.

Do you have more questions? Check out our Rules Page. Because anything you could possibly want to know can be explained there in great and painstaking detail. Even a quick glance will show you that we’re a professional company. The folks behind Winloot Live have been in the online sweepstakes business for well over a decade and awarded prizes to over 100,000 unique users.

We wish the very best of luck and good fortune to each and every one of our players. You’re all winners in our eyes and we couldn’t keep doing what we do without your continued patronage. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This website was created with the fans in mind and we have tried to make it super easy to enter our contests. We love making Winloot Live and we hope you enjoy it too.